12 Training Modules for your salespeople

We teach your salespeople how to find the right group leaders, what to say, what recommendation they should make, how to handle objections and make the sale and finally how to get the renewals and some referrals along the way.

Here are some choice modules:

Module #2:  How to Expand Your Lists.  Your salespeople can easily expand their lists within their territory and adroitly identify the right group leaders.

Module #3What You Should Say.  When your salespeople are talking to the right group leader, do they wing it or ask some highly targeted questions to give them insight into making the sale?  Here are those questions and how to use them.

Module #4:  Making Recommendations.  Your salespeople will more be effective if they’re more than just information providers.  As a consultant, here’s how to make recommendations that really click.

Module #5:  Handling Objections.  Objections are gonna happen.  Here’s how to handle any objection, even the bizarre ones.

Modules #6 & #7:  Getting Your Groups to Renew.  These are steps we have used with all types of teams to ratchet up the renewal rate for groups year after year.

Modules #8 & #9:  Getting Referrals.  Follow this checklist to help make the group’s outing a flawless experience.  A flawless experience leads to a renewal and referrals.

Module #10: Winning Habits.  Here’s a road map that helps your salespeople navigate through the day to maximize success.

Modules #11 & #12:  The Final Exam.  This may be the most important test your salespeople will have ever taken.  If they pass this test, everything will be easier for them.  We coach them here on how to pass The Final Exam and impress you.