The FOOLPROOF way to
increase ticket sales

You want something that has proven to work miracles in ticket sales.  No trials or tests or wait ’til next year here.  This works now, today. If you let it.

If you want (need) quick results, I recommend you go first to the low hanging fruit.

Amazingly, many teams vastly underestimate this area.

In the video below, see how this area can become a mini-miracle for your ticket sales.

By Steve DeLay

I wish there was a miracle method to increase season ticket sales.  There isn’t, unless your team just signed LeBron, regardless of your sport.

However, there is close to a miracle to increase overall ticket sales.  Alas, this near miracle is often considered the ugly duckling of ticket sales and it rarely gets top attention or focus.  It’s group ticket sales.

Oh, how wrong that is!  For example, if season ticket sales have slipped, group sales can easily make up the difference.  If you let it.

Or, if daily sales have been hurt by the weather, group sales can easily make everything right.  If you let it.

Jon Spoelstra and I created a group sales system at the New Jersey Nets years ago. Our new system took us from dead last in the NBA in group ticket sales to first.

Then we took it to the seven teams at Mandalay Baseball Properties. We perfected the system and had crazy success every place we installed it.

Then we took this system and personally taught it to teams. Their sales exploded.

Ask Chris Morgan, GM of the Mobile BayBears.

“We had a person that had never sold before and she hit 160% of her group sales goal.  I would say that the training worked out!”

Chris Morgan, GM, Mobile BayBears

Or ask Lisa Peterson, Director of Group Sales, Memphis Redbirds, of what the real value was to her team.

“We went up 50% in group sales using your training. This year, we expect to go up another 30%.”


This system isn’t coming up with different theme nights.  Nor is the system creating deeply discounted tickets.  This system is based on making your group ticket salespeople better at selling your current group ticket products.  A lot better.  And a lot quicker.

We will teach your group salespeople, we will coach them, we will test them, and then we will pass or fail them. This is hands-free for you—until we hand over your newly trained group salesperson to you.

The total cost for each group ticket salesperson that you sign up for the Group Sales Superstar Online Course is just $297 each.


Your salespeople have to prove to me that they are learning; they have to prove to me that they are paying attention; and lastly, they have to prove to me that they are incorporating what we teach into what they’re going to do.

The Final Exam for Group Sales Superstar is no walk in the park. Each student has to do a role play video for the Final Exam. They’ll have to work at it–I’m not an easy grader. Take a look below at the Final Exam of one of our recent students. This is the type of performance I want to see your salespeople make.

When all the tests and Final Exam are completed, the student will get a final grade. And a diploma from Group Sales Superstar. You, of course, will be notified on the progress and final grades of each of your salespeople that are our students.

What’s Included:

12 Training Modules for your salespeople

We teach your salespeople how to find the right group leaders, what to say, what recommendation they should make, how to handle objections and make the sale and finally how to get the renewals and some referrals along the way.

Here are some choice modules:

Module #2How to Expand Your Lists.  Your salespeople can easily expand their lists within their territory and adroitly identify the right group leaders.

Module #3: What You Should Say.  When your salespeople are talking to the right group leader, do they wing it or ask some highly targeted questions to give them insight into making the sale?  Here are those questions and how to use them.

Module #4:  Making Recommendations.  Your salespeople will more be effective if they’re more than just information providers.  As a consultant, here’s how to make recommendations that really click.

Module #5:  Handling Objections.  Objections are gonna happen.  Here’s how to handle any objection, even the bizarre ones.

Modules #6 & #7:  Getting Your Groups to Renew.  These are steps we have used with all types of teams to ratchet up the renewal rate for groups year after year.

Modules #8 & #9:  Getting Referrals.  Follow this checklist to help make the group’s outing a flawless experience.  A flawless experience leads to a renewal and referrals.

Module #10: Winning Habits.  Here’s a roadmap that helps your salespeople navigate through the day to maximize success.

Modules #11 & #12:  The Final Exam.  This may be the most important test your salespeople will have ever taken.  If they pass this test, everything will be easier for them.  We coach them here on how to pass The Final Exam and impress you.

Sales Training Omnipresent Assistant in your Laptop

You’ll have Progress Reports at your fingertips.  We’ll do the grading for all the tests as well as the Final Exams.

With a couple clicks on the keyboard, you can track how your salespeople are doing.  Who is acing the test after each module? Who is struggling? Who is falling behind?  You’ll know who to applaud and who to poke.



In a Module for the Sales Manager, you'll learn how to perform a Group Audit and get astounding results.

This is one of the most valuable things you can do to increase sales. We walk you through how to do it.


New group ticket products to spur new sales.

We’ve got some group ticket products that most teams don’t do.  We unpack these ideas to show you how easy it would be to use them.  You can get stunning results with these new group ticket products.

We'll help your veteran salespeople get even better.

Sometimes, even your more experienced salespeople need a jolt of a different voice.  We’ve got a module just for them.  Veteran salespeople will love our key steps in expanding their database and the 10 Key Questions to ask every group leader.

Who It’s For:

Recent grads and other rookies.

They're willing. They're anxious. They want to do good. But, they know nothing about selling tickets to groups.

Refresher from a different voice.

This program gives your veteran salespeople a different, qualified and experienced voice to reaffirm your teachings.

Sales Managers are always overloaded

Training is a tedious time drain. And most Sales Managers don't have enough time in the day as it is. They should outsource training.


How much time will my salespeople miss while they are being trained?

This is the great part.  You’re not sending your salespeople off to a two-day seminar, shutting down their sales for at least two days.  They’re staying at their work stations and working.

If you want your group salespeople to take the training over a three day period they will miss very little time doing their job.  In fact, they will be getting better while they are doing their job and their training.


What is the typical time it takes for a salesperson to complete the course?

There are twelve learning modules in the Group Sales Superstar Online Course.  Each one takes about 10-25 minutes to watch the first time.  If a student is taking notes, referring to each Module in the Salesperson’s Handbook and taking each Module’s test, that student should allot a minimum of about 30-35 minutes for each Module.  This allows your salespeople to work and learn at the same time.

So, the initial ‘classroom’ experience would be about four hours total. That four hours could be distributed over two or three days allowing each salesperson to make their calls.

Why should I buy one course for each salesperson?

Here’s why: There is one goal with Group Sales Superstar Online Course.  That one goal is to make each group salesperson significantly better in a short period of time.

The very best way to do that is an interactive experience between teacher and student.  Steve grades each salesperson’s test and video.  He copies the team’s Sales Manager on all the feedback.  That feedback is critically important to the salesperson getting better.

The Group Sales Superstar online course is priced inexpensively on purpose so that you can afford to enroll each of your staff members/students.

Could a team buy one course and train five salespeople?

Yes, a team could do that.  Multiple students could watch the modules.  But, there would be the interactive experience for just one.  Only one student would get Steve’s feedback on the tests and video final exam.  Remember, one goal is to make each salesperson significantly better in a short period of time.  Teams shouldn’t chintz on making salespeople better.

What training resources do our salespeople have?

Each salesperson/student has 24/7 access to the course for 90 days. Each salesperson has their own copy of the Group Salesperson’s Handbook, which takes them–in writing–step by step over everything they learned in the course.

They also have access to the training Modules to watch over and over. Heck, I’ve known salespeople that watched and re-watched the Modules just so they can quickly accelerate their learning curve.

When is the right time to start my salespeople with training?

I’ll answer a question with a question: When would you want your salespeople to start being far more effective in group sales?

If it’s during the off-season, there’s plenty of prep work that needs to be done to make the selling season far more effective.

If it’s during the season, why not make your salespeople more effective right away?

There’s no reason to wait on success.



No reason to wait on success.

Instant Access
$297 per salesperson
Group Sales Superstar

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A word from Jon Spoelstra

I hated my group ticket salespeople.

But, I wanted to love them.

I needed them to get better, a lot better. And I couldn’t wait for them to improve.

So, as president of the team I was working for, I decided to jump in with both feet.

I would train them myself. That was 25 years ago. We went from dead last in group sales in the NBA to #1 in one season.

Each season I kept training sales people. To help me, I brought along one of the brightest from 25 years ago. Steve DeLay.

When we were at Mandalay Baseball Properties, we kept training a lot of group ticket salespeople. Whichever team we had, we ranked #1 in most group ticket sales in that league.

Now, you can have Steve and me train your group ticket salespeople. We can do it without them missing a day of making sales calls. And, we can do it for far less than you ever imagined.

If you used our training, you’d be doing yourself a big favor. Your sales would increase and you would look better.

You’d also be doing your salespeople a favor. They’d get a lot better and they’d be a lot more fun to be around.

You’d find out you didn’t hate your salespeople at all. You’d love them, they would be improving. They would be making more sales and be proud that they were working for your team.

Lastly, you’d be doing the owner of the team a favor. The owner would make more money, and smile at you a lot. Most likely, he’d probably give you some of that extra dough. You’d like that.

Jon Spoelstra


ENROLL NOW and let’s get your salespeople started today.

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$297 per salesperson
Group Sales Superstar

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